How do I register onto the platform?

For Farmers, Click the ‘Get Started’ Button > ‘Seller’ on the homepage, provide your personal, farm and inventory details, create your account and submit your application for approval by TAWI. For Commercial Kitchens, Click the ‘Get Started’ Button > ‘Buyer’, provide your business details, create your account, and submit your application for approval by TAWI.

Who can register on the platform?

A farmer who cultivates fresh farm produce. Commercial kitchens – including hotels, restaurants, caterers, schools and hospitals.

How do I reset my password?

Password reset button can be found on the log in screen on the platform. For buyers, enter your registered email address and an email with the reset password link will be sent to your email. Use this link to reset your password. For sellers, enter your registered mobile phone number and an OTP will be […]