Why sell with us?
Tawi’s platform includes a large number of food buyers across Kenya enabling farmers to extend their business reach into Kenya. Where demand might drop locally, this even out across a larger market.
Tawi will offer you a transparent and consistent price for your produce. Our values our to build capacity in this sector, so extracting the lowest possible price from sellers would work against this.
Our approach is to partner with farmers by meeting new clients and engaging with them locally to consider what farming practices might help maximise yield and eliminate wastage based on current output. We can advise on how to sustainably support the land with the right fertilisers, seeds and technologies.
We offer farmers technical and financial assistance to build a future plan for maximising yield across all of their land sustainably, and with minimal wastage. Partnering with us means partnering with our intention to help your business grow.
Our e-commerce platform allows farmers to enter details of their output in order to keep track of inventory. The dashboard is simple but also provides detailed business information eliminating the need for additional inventory tracking software.
Who sells with us?

TAWI maintains consistent communication with farmers, while also actively gathering and analyzing data about our customers’ purchasing habits. This allows us to provide guidance to farmers on what to plant, when to do so, and in what quantities.

Additionally, we prioritize fair compensation for farmers, providing timely payment upon sourcing their produce.

of our farmers are women
of our farmers are young people
Majority of our farmers cultivate
1-9 acres
Getting started as a seller

Registering as a seller with Tawi is simple. In order to register online you will need:

  • 1

    Your personal details
  • 2

    Your Kenyan national ID number
  • 3

    Your M-PESA mobile number
  • 4

    Your email address (optional)

Tawi staff are waiting to receive and verify this information in order to provide a rapid and streamlined onboarding process.

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No. We do not charge a registration or subscription fee.